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Top-Down for PVC Compounding

The Perfect Blend from the Top Down

When designing and building a blending system, accuracy is always a primary consideration. However, in certain applications like PVC compounding, precision can be especially essential to achieve a perfect formulation.

PVC compounding typically follows one of two processes: top-down or bottom-up. While you can achieve a great product with either model, the facility layout will determine which method is best or most cost effective.

In the top-down approach, bulk, major and minor ingredients are either hoisted via supersacks or conveyed pneumatically to receivers at the top of compounding tower. Those ingredients are then gravity fed through the mixing system for compounding. Finished compounds exit the blending tower at the bottom, can be screened for quality, and are then prepared for extrusion or any other processes required. The Ingredient weighments going in should match what comes out, helping ensure the precision required to match your specifications time and time again.

View our video to learn more about the details of our top-down approach to material handling. Then contact our team to discuss your specific needs and start designing your new system.

For an even more thorough walkthrough of how our top-down blending systems work, contact Tom Hughes.