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Vertical Ingredient Transfers Using ConTran

Engineer a Process to Move Ingredients Horizontally or Vertically Using ConTran

ConTran using a vertical convey lineWhen crushing or impact affects the integrity your materials, our ConTran™ continuous dense phase transfer technology is an ideal solution. ConTran uses a vacuum-throttling valve that accurately maintains a constant ratio of material-to-air mass flow. As a result, the system minimizes breakage and fines – all with less energy consumption compared to other pneumatic system designs. These systems are typically used with materials that are susceptible to degradation.  

One of the questions we often get about the solution is, “Will ConTran work for a system that requires a section of vertical convey line to deliver materials?” The answer is decidedly yes.

HorizonPSI engineers have designed multiple ConTran systems with vertical transfers. In fact, we designed and delivered a system for a customer that used the ConTran technology to move ingredients through a 10-inch convey line that lifted ingredients 150 feet vertically. Take a look at our video to view ConTran in action.

Find even more information on how to gently transfer materials or product, with greater shape integrity and decreased breakage or waste.

ConTran gently handles your product at relatively low pressure and high convey rates, resulting in minimal breakage and fines - all while using less energy and lower maintenance costs compared to other pneumatic designs.

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