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Browse our video library to take an in-depth look at HorizonPSI products, discover how our process solutions work and learn more about our company.

Process Solutions

HorizonPSI Introductory Video

HorizonPSI engineers, manufactures, installs and maintains automated ingredient management, transfer and storage solutions worldwide for the food, pet food, plastics and chemical industries.

Intelligent Ingredient System

Gain precision, control and versatility while managing ingredients for multiple products and recipes with this flexible, matrix-based approach to automating access and storage of ingredients.

Pet Food Process Flow

HorizonPSI offers complete process solutions for pet food manufacturers. Some of our featured products include: Intelligent Ingredient (I2) System, ConTran, Kleen Horizontal Product Separator, Sidewinder, KleenLift and Reel Kleen.

ConTran Continuous Dense Phase Transfer

ConTran gently handles your product at relatively low pressure and high convey rates, resulting in minimal breakage and fines.

PVC Compounding - Bottom Up Model

HorizonPSI's bottom-up blend system for PVC compounding (as an alternate to a top-down compounding tower) allows for a lower building head height by housing more equipment at ground level, making equipment easier to service.

PVC Compounding - Top Down Model

In the top-down approach, bulk, major and minor ingredients are conveyed pneumatically to receivers at the top of compounding tower. Those ingredients are then gravity fed through the mixing system for compounding.

Flexible Ingredient Batching

Process Equipment

Bulk Bag Discharger Options

HorizonPSI offers three base options for bulk bag unloading based on how you deliver bulk bags to discharge stations.

Bulk Bag Discharger - Filter Option

The BBD-IF option is available with the same equipment choices as our other Bulk Bag Discharger series – monorail loading, Forklift or hoist load configuration, but with a more accessible filter for easier maintenance.

Insertable SideWinder Vent Filter

Featuring top loading filter media, easy access to media, less downtime for maintenance and no need for confined space permits, this is possibly the most maintenance-friendly filter available in the industry.

Minor Ingredient Weigh Station

Our Minor Ingredient Weigh Station offers a single destination or custom bin cluster to house our Kleenfeed Screw Feeders. Use it independently as part of a series of bins and feeders for added flexibility in your automated material handling solution.

Minor Ingredient Weigh Station Detail

A detailed view of this weigh station's inner workings. Offering a single destination or custom bin cluster to house our Kleenfeed Screw Feeders.

RIBC Discharge Station

This RIBC discharge station combines a rigid poly or stainless-steel intermediate bulk container storage with our KleenFeed Screw Feeder for a completely customizable access solution.

RIBC Discharge Station Detail

A detailed view of our RIBC discharge station, offering a modular design that can be used as an independent component or part of a series of feeders.

RIBC Loading Station

Our RIBC Loading Station utilizes bulk bag dischargers to transfer materials from bulk bags to RIBCs, which can be used independently as a storage vessel before and after a batch, or as an access point in production.

Sanitary Small Bag Dump

Our Small Bag Dump IDCU Series features ergonomically designed access doors that are easy to open and close and an easily accessible filter that makes maintenance and filter replacement safer.

SideWinder Filter Receiver

This SideWinder™ filter/receiver features an easy open clean air plenum for side access to the top removal style, self-supporting filter cartridges.

Silo Discharge Options

HorizonPSI offers three convenient configurations to access bulk ingredients stored in silos – Bin Activator, Twin Screw, and Fluidizer Bed.

Filter/Receiver RFTC Series

The Filter/Receiver RFTC Series has a quick release of the pivoting top plenum which provides easy access to the top removal style filter cartridges.

KleenFeed Screw Feeder

Easily dismantle and reassemble the KleenFeed Screw Feeder for easy cleaning of internal parts, including loading a rigid intermediate bulk container (RIBC) into a feeder stand.

Spray Tank

The vacuum spray cooling tank uses adjustable, high-pressure spray nozzles to deliver a continuous, evenly distributed water spray to cool the product, which can be cut and handled quickly without affecting its shape.

Negative Airlift System

If maintaining product shape, reducing fines and keeping your process clean is important to you, then the Negative Airlift System by HorizonPSI is worth a look.

SideWinder Filter Receiver Options

All the SideWinder filter/receivers can be serviced without enclosed space procedures and are available for a wide number of arrangements including placement on load cells and in conjunction with scale hoppers, fluid flow hopper or cartridge filters.

Silo Installation

Transporting, erecting and securing silos requires a level of coordination that only experience can bring.


HorizonPSI's proprietary solution, ReelKleen, delivers sanitizer to convey lines that are otherwise unable to be sanitized by more conventional methods.



Maintenance & Testing

Sidewinder Filter Change

Watch how to change the filter media for the DL Series of the Sidewinder Filter Receiver.

Checking for Line Leaks

Watch how to check for line leaks in pressure and vacuum systems.

Easy Clean Airlock Maintenance

Maintain your Easy Clean Airlock from HorizonPSI with these easy steps.

Download Instructions

Titanium Dioxide Screw Feeder & Flow Liner Hopper Testing

HorizonPSI specializes in bulk material transfer systems which include PVC Resin Blend systems that are ideal for use with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) to ensure consistent feeding.