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Kleen HPS, KleenLift and Coupling Animation

Learn more about the original HorizonPSI Kleen Horizontal Product Separator, our redesigned KleenLift Extruder Hood and our metal-to-metal couplings by watching how the products open, close and operate.


The easy-to-clean Kleenfeed screw feeder utilizes an interchangeable RIBC to supply ingredients. These feeder units can be utilized independently or as a group for major, minor and micro ingredient management.

Fixed Hopper Animation

HorizonPSI's easy-to-clean Kleenfeed screw feeder and fixed ingredient hopper can be utilized independently or as a group for minor and micro ingredient management. Built-in RFID bin security reduces operator error.

Pet Food Process Flow

HorizonPSI offers complete process solutions for pet food manufacturers. Some of our featured products include: Intelligent Ingredient (I2) System, ConTran, Kleen Horizontal Product Separator, Sidewinder, KleenLift and Reel Kleen.

KleenFeed Screw Feeder

Easily dismantle and reassemble the KleenFeed Screw Feeder for easy cleaning of internal parts, including loading a rigid intermediate bulk container (RIBC) into a feeder stand.


HorizonPSI's proprietary solution, ReelKleen, delivers sanitizer to convey lines that are otherwise unable to be sanitized by more conventional methods.

ConTran Continuous Dense Phase Transfer

ConTran gently handles your product at relatively low pressure and high convey rates, resulting in minimal breakage and fines.

Maintenance Video Series

Sidewinder Filter Change

Watch how to change the filter media for the DL Series of the Sidewinder Filter Receiver.

Checking for Line Leaks

Watch how to check for line leaks in pressure and vacuum systems.

Easy Clean Airlock Maintenance

Maintain your Easy Clean Airlock from HorizonPSI with these easy steps.