Material Handling System Startup

After design and installation, our knowledgeable and experienced Field Service Team will make sure your material handling system starts up and performs as specified. We start by commissioning the system, double checking to ensure every component is installed, configured, and even lubricated properly. Once the process line is running, we verify the system’s performance and make any necessary alterations.

Equipment Commissioning

  • Verification that equipment is installed per design
  • Verification of convey line routing and layout
  • Perform component checkout (i.e., rotation, lubrication, tension, actuation, etc.)

Controls Commissioning

  • Verify field wiring and panel connections are complete
  • Verify I/O are correct and working
  • Verify if safe operating procedures have been followed and completed, and alarms work

System Startup

  • Startup and shutdown check without product
  • Startup and shutdown check with product
  • Confirm control operational sequence meets or exceeds system requirements

Operator Training

  • Review sequence of operation with operators
  • Review equipment operation/ instruction manuals
  • Discuss recommended equipment service schedules
  • Present troubleshooting guidelines


  • Verify the instantaneous convey rate achieved meets or exceeds the proposed value 
  • Verify all design parameters proposed are met
  • Verify specified production efficiencies


  • Submit summary report of activities/findings with any pending action items
  • Document system performance and equipment settings
  • Provide and review recommended spare parts list with critical system spare parts and components
  • Present project sign off sheet for customer approval