Pet Food Processing Solutions & Bulk Material Handling

Pet owners demand a safe and consistent product every time they open a bag of food. At the same time, you need a process system with minimal downtime and product loss to maximize your profitability. At HorizonPSI, we understand the complete end-to-end process inside and out and have developed pet food processing solutions that deliver the results you and your customers demand. From our easy-to-clean Negative Airlift System to our Intelligent Ingredient System, we’ll find process solutions that work for your unique needs. 

A Smarter Petfood Solution

Our engineered solutions convey pellets or powders from the rail car or truck into pre-process storage. Materials are then precisely transferred from storage through ingredient proportioning routines and other ingredient management tasks – all while process controls automate and oversee the entire process to ensure quality control.

Our Intelligent Ingredient System tracks materials from the receiving dock to the loading dock. It uses “gain in weight” and “loss in weight” logic to ensure precision inclusion and a consistent product every time – all while keeping combustible dust, labor-intensive housekeeping and your operational footprint to a minimum.

Our Negative Airlift System minimizes the risk of post-processing contamination when conveying product from the extruder to the dryer after the kill step. Now with the option to utilize a Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood, we’ve created the most sanitary, easy to use and most cost-effective solution on the market.

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Contact Us for Your Custom Pet Food Processing Solution

We custom manufacture each pet food processing system with oversight from our engineers to ensure proper specification and integration. Our Project Managers and Field Service team are available for installation, commissioning and training. We’ll also be there to follow up to ensure your system is operating to your exacting specifications with maintenance, repair and upgrade services including access to parts and component specialists.

For more information, contact:  

Steve Bordman
Consumables Industry Director

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Consumables Industry Sales Manager

Pet Food Process Flow with Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood.

HorizonPSI offers complete process solutions for pet food manufacturers.

Negative Airlift System with Frazer-Nash Sanitary Extruder Hood

We’ve partnered with Frazer-Nash Manufacturing to offer their best-in-class Sanitary Extruder Hood as an option on our Negative Airlift Systems. Together, they work seamlessly to deliver the best in sanitation and ease of use.

Flexible Ingredient Batching