Pet Food Processing Solutions & Bulk Material Handling

Pet owners demand a safe and consistent product every time they open a bag of food. At HorizonPSI, we understand the complete end-to-end process inside and out. Seeing the whole picture allows us to develop risk-appropriate sanitary pet food processing solutions that can help you meet or exceed your customers’ demands – from individual components to a complete processing line. So whether you’re building a completely new production facility or looking for innovative ways to enhance the efficiency, safety and reliability of your existing one, we’ll be there with the custom solutions you need.

Our Pet Food Processing Systems Conform to FSMA & GFSI Standards

Our engineered solutions help you to conform to FSMA and GFSI standards. They convey raw ingredients directly from the rail car or truck into pre-process storage. Ingredients get transferred from storage through ingredient proportioning routines and other ingredient management tasks before supplying the extruder, adding palatability enhancers and moving product into intermediate storage – all while process controls oversee the entire process to ensure quality control and traceability. We are experts in handling friable kibble through extrusion, drying, coating, cooling and packaging in the most delicate, sanitary means available on the market today.  

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Contact Us for Your Custom Pet Food Processing Solution

We custom manufacture each pet food processing system with oversight from our engineers to ensure proper specification and integration. But our attention to detail doesn’t stop there. Our Project Managers and Field Service team are available for installation, commissioning and training. We can also be there to follow up to ensure your system is operating to your exacting specifications. We even offer complete maintenance, repair and upgrade services including access to parts and component specialists. After all, our business is your business and we won’t stop working until you’re satisfied.   

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Steve Bordman
Consumables Industry Director

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Consumables Industry Sales Manager

Pet Food Process Flow

HorizonPSI offers complete process solutions for pet food manufacturers.

Negative Airlift System

For maintaining product shape, reducing fines and keeping your process clean.

Guardian Ozone: Exclusively from HorizonPSI 

We’re always working to deliver solutions that help make your job faster, easier, safer and more profitable. That’s why we’re pleased to be the exclusive dealer for Guardian Ozone sanitizing applications for the pet food industry.
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