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Modular Ingredient Management

What is Modular Ingredient Management?

Modular Ingredient Management incorporates a system of track-able ingredient lots into modular, portable bins (IBCs/Totes). Totes are then used for storage until docked to a feeding module/station. The feeding module is built to allow for easy cleanout and is adaptable to different feed rates or amounts. 

1. Raw Material Receiving

Our raw ingredient process designs incorporate the ability to maintain material integrity and accurate inventory counts and sources. Contamination, exposure and pre-process staging for all ingredients introduced into your process are part of our analysis when designing a new system or adapting a process to changes in your products or materials. Recipe management and security plus material mapping and bar codes are programmed prior to IBC loading.

    2. IBC Loading and Lot Tracking

    We can design an automated lot tracking routine for your process. We utilize RFID tag, barcode or QR code technology to integrate into your existing inventory system, or we can design an inventory management routine with an automated ingredient tracking plan.

    At this stage of the process:

    • Lot tracking begins.
    • Platform scales at fill point provide inventory verification.
    • Telescoping fill head with inflatable seals eliminate dusting.
    • Containers can be moved with a forklift.
    • Empty pallets are eliminated from the process area.

    Image of Storage Bins

      3. Loaded IBC Storage and Staging

      • Containers stackable two-high.
      • Product is protected in a sealed container eliminating possible contamination.
      • Lot integrity is preserved throughout the process.
      • Exposure to humidity and other adverse environmental conditions is reduced.

        4. Ingredient Feeding and Weighing

        Having a reliable and repeatable process is essential to your business. Our batching and continuous mixing solutions utilize ingredient inventory and tracking intelligence and a recipe matrix to provide both the accuracy and flexibility you need. We offer customized recipe management controls to regulate the introduction of ingredients into the processing line and modify the feeder sequencing based on your recipe or campaign.

        At this stage:

        • Inventory is checked each time a new container is docked.
        • Pre-loaded IBCs help reduce dust released into the plant environment.
        • IBC, frame and feeder may sit on load cells.
        • Feeders can simultaneously feed multiple ingredients.
        • Inflatable valve seal provides dust-free processing at feeder fill point.

          5. Ingredient Conveying

          • System controls provide for web-based reporting and lot tracking for managing recipe and product security.
          • Rugged poly or stainless-steel IBCs and stands are hygienically designed for easy sanitation and maximum product flow.
          • Modular design provides for fast and efficient recipe or batch changes and maximization of floor space when storing ingredients.
          • Properly maintained, the system offers a dust-free environment by eliminating in-process bag dumps and utilizing ingredient-secured IBCs with dust-free fill heads.

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